Trauma-Informed Care Initiative

Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Care Initiative Online Training!

We know that traumatic experiences are common among clients in the addictions and mental health field. Enhancing our capacity to provide trauma-informed care will improve our clients’ experiences with our services, as well as their treatment outcomes.

About This Training

We recommend all staff take Level One, Basics of Trauma-Informed Care. Having a trauma-informed organization requires all staff at all levels to have an understanding of the impact of trauma experiences on our clients. Level One includes the following modules:

  • Definitions and Symptoms of Trauma
  • The Trauma-Informed Approach
  • Preventing and Managing Helper Stress

Level Two, Trauma-Informed Care in the Context of Client- Centred Services, is designed for staff with significant interactions with clients. Level Two includes the following modules:

  • Working with Diverse Populations
  • Neurobiology of Trauma and Addiction
  • Resilience
  • Helper Skills
  • Addressing Child Protection Issues Using Trauma-Informed Care Principles
  • Helper Stress

Training Components

Each level is comprised of multiple learning modules and within each module you will find several different types of learning activities such as readings and videos. As you complete each activity, please check the box on the right of the screen to track your progress. 

There is a quiz at the end of each module. Upon successful completion of the quiz you will receive a certificate of completion that will be emailed to you. To complete each level you need to complete all the modules in that level – this means you will receive multiple certificates for each level you complete.

There is an opportunity to complete an evaluation of the training at the end of each level.

Special Considerations

Some of the subject material in this training deals with themes that could be disturbing or disruptive to emotional balance. Please consult with your supervisor if you feel uncomfortable reviewing certain materials. 

Additional Information

The Knowledge Exchange Centre at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba has established a new Clinical Resource Collection for addictions professionals. This collection includes over 200 books/workbooks and 50 DVDs/CDs covering a variety trauma-informed topics.  For more information please contact kecentre@afm.mb.ca.


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